community certificate- how to apply community certificate online

  1. How to submit community certificate online – here is a method


As we know it is very important to have all information when it comes to submit community certificate to this article we will show you how to apply community certificate to government this article we will guide you.


Here are the questions and answers about community certificate.

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1. What is a community certificate?

– community certificate are use for represent the cast and religion of the is usefull for get scholarship for students.

2.How to track the application status of a ‘community certificate’?

-The recognition number allows you to track the status of the community certificate online. To apply a community certificate, you must create a user ID on the TNESevai website, after which you must create your CAN number.

3.How to renew a ‘community certificate’?

-You do not need to renew the community certificate.

4.The validity of a ‘community certificate’?

-Community certificate is valid for life. You do not need to renew it.

5.How can you apply for a lost ‘community certificate’?

-You can apply for a lost community certificate with your family member’s community certificate. There are two ways you can apply

1.Online (

2.Offline (ESeva Center)

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6.Where to apply for a ‘community Certificate’?

-You can apply for a community certificate online through this site “”.

How to apply Community Certificate Online:

Fees: Rs.60
Time: Taken Up to 15 Days
Mode: Online
Validity:  Lifetime
Payment: Mode Online

Here are the steps on “How to Apply Online Community Certificate”

  1. The first step is to open the TNeGA website and log in to your account.
  2. Then You have to click the “Revenue Department” Link.
  3. Then you will have to click the “Community Certificate” Link.
  4. This will open a new window in your browser and display the instructions page. It will tell you that you upload the applicant photo, proof of address, community certificate of father or mother or siblings and the applicant’s self-declaration.
  5. Once you have completed the “Continue” button, you will be able to register your CAN number, or if you have already applied, you will have to search for your CAN number through any of the options. You must generate and verify OTP.
  6. Later, it will open the community certificate form. On that form, basic details of the person have already been filled in because of “CAN number”
  7. You will be asked to choose the Father, Mother Caste and Community, and then you will have to choose the requested community and caste.
  8. A question will be asked, ‘whether one of the applicant’s family members has a permanent online certificate issued by the competent Revenue Service’. If one of your family members obtains a community certificate online, then select this option as “Yes” or otherwise “No”.
  9. Finally, after submitting the form. This will take you to the next page where you will need to upload the required documents according to the instructions.
  10. Make sure you have uploaded the documents in the respective file sizes and types.
  11. File Type: pdf, jpeg, jpg, gif, png
    Size of the document: 200 KB
    Size of the photo: 50 KB
  12. You must download and sign the self-declaration form and scan the self-declaration form and download it to the website.
  13. Finally, make the online payment of Rs-60.00 according to one of the methods. After the successful payment, you will receive an acknowledgment form with a number.
  14. Then it is completed finally.

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